Avon Home Learning


Happy Friday Avon! You've nearly completed another week learning from home! :) 

Your work today is 


Maths - exercise 10 

English - p17 and 18 CGP

Science - Look at the powerpoint below, draw and label 3 things that tell us it's Spring 


English - p46-49 in CGP 

Maths - p35 and 36

Science - same as Y1

Have a great day, I'd love to see your work. 

Miss Ree x


Good morning lovelies, 

You've nearly made it through another week! :)

Your work today is


English - p 15 & 16 CGP and a writing task of your choice from the pack. 

Maths - Exercise 9 CGP

Art - sketch an image of a seahorse. Look really closely at the shapes and details, remember to draw what you can see, not what you think you can see!

Fish Seahorse Cocktail Ingredient - Kuletos


English - p44-45 and a page from your writing pack (if you have any left). Remember to watch the writing top tips before you do this. 

Maths - p29 and 30 

Art - same as Y1 above 

Have fun! Miss you all

Miss Ree x

Writing Top Tips!

I have recorded tutorials of how to support your child with their writing at home and uploaded them onto the new Offenham CE First School Youtube channel!

There is one for using the sound mat correctly and another for supporting your child with writing words and sentences. Please have a watch - I hope it helps! 

Sound mat support https://youtu.be/mRhq6MWQgaU

Writing simple words and sentences https://youtu.be/jGg7RvxBPzc

Any problems, please let me know! 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Happy writing! 

Miss Ree x


 Good morning! Thank you to those of you who sent me photographs yesterday of what you've been up to. 

Your work today is


English CGP pages 13 and 14 

Maths Exercise 8


English Pages 42 and 43

Maths page 34 - repeating patterns. Can you make some of your own patterns at home? With paint or lego or colouring? Send me some photographs!

Your RE work today is to read the Easter story (see Power Point) with an adult and see what you can remember. You can also draw some pictures in your book to show different parts of the story. 

Reception: Can you add some labels to your pictures?

Y1: Can you write a few sentences to go with your pictures?

Miss Ree and Mrs Butcher x

Avon RE - 1.4.20


1.4.20 - Avon - The Easter Story

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Good morning Avon class! It's another beautiful day today! 

Your work for today is:


English: p12 CGP and page 4 from the writing pack

Maths: p7 CGP

Computing: A coding 2do has been set for you on www.purplemash.com/offenham 


English: p 40-41 CGP and choose a writing task from the pack

Maths:  p32-33 CGP

Understanding the World: Go on a scavenger hunt and see what you can find that is made of metal! How do you know? 

Have fun

Miss Ree x


Welcome back Avon class! I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

Your work today is:


English: Find the next empty page in your home learning book and write a couple of sentences about what you did at the weekend. Dont forget to use your sound mat! You could draw a lovely picture too :) and pages 10 and 11 CGP

Maths: Exercise 6 in your CGP

Home Learning Book Task: Research sea horses. Please draw a sea horse and write 2 facts from the power point and 2 of your own. 

New category


Sea Creature Factfile

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English: Pages 38 and 39. 

Maths: Pages 24 and 31 (Measuring and shape)

Home Learning Book Task: Research sea horses using the powerpoint above. Draw one and label it. Write your favourite fact! 

Have a great day

Miss Ree x 



Happy Friday Avon class! 

You've done it! Your first week of home schooling! I am genuinely so impressed with each and every one of you. I love that you're embracing being at home and all trying so hard! 

Your work today is:


English: Page 5 from your writing booklet, pages 8 and 9  CGP

Maths: Exercise 5 in your CGP book

Home Learning Book Task: Draw a picture of the trees/plants that you can see. How do we know Spring is here? Label your picture and write a sentence. 



English: Pages 36 and 37. Choose a picture to write about from your 'Reception Writing Pack'.  

Maths: Pages 22 and 23 (Measuring Problems) 

 Home Learning Book Task: Draw a picture of the trees/plants that you can see. How do we know Spring is here? Adult to scribe what child says about Spring and write it next to their picture or on a post it note. 

Have a great day and enjoy the weekend! 

Miss Ree x 


Happy Thursday Avon class! 

What a beautiful sunny day it is again today, aren't we lucky! 

Today's activities are: 


English: Page 3 from your writing booklet, page 6 CGP

Maths: Exercise 4 in your CGP book


English: Pages 32-35 (sh, ch, th, ng) 

Maths: Pages 6 and 7 


Art: All children are to complete the art activity today. Please look closely at the image below (jellyfish) sketch it carefully in your home learning book. Make sure you fill the page as much as you can. I would love to see your creations once you are finished - please email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a great day, miss you all :(

Miss Ree x 



 Good morning Avon class, 

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday! Thank you for those who emailed me photographs, I love seeing what you've been up to!

Your tasks today are: 


English - Page 7 in your writing bookler and page 4 in your CGP book

Maths - Exercise 3 


English - Pages 30 & 31 in CGP book and choose a picture from the writing pack to write about! :) 

Maths - Pages 4 and 5 

Please find today's RE task below - I look forward to receiving some photos of your creations!

Stay safe, stay happy and smile! Miss Ree and Mrs Butcher x




Good morning lovelies, 

Thank you to those of you who emailed me photos yesterday, I LOVED seeing what you've been up to! 

Todays tasks are: 


Maths - exercise 2 

English -  page 3 in your CGP English book, finish the sentences on page 2 of your writing booklet 

Afternoon task -  One of your tasks today has been set via PurpleMash this is the link you will need and then you can login using your details that were sent home.  




Maths - CGP pages 2 and 3 

English - Phonics CGP pages 28 and 29

Afternoon - Scavenger hunt, can you find items that are made of wood? 


Have a lovely day,

Miss Ree x 



Good morning children, 

Please find your home learning tasks below. 


Maths - exercise 1 

English - page 2 CGP, page 1 writing booklet



Phonics - We will be starting from spring term workout 1 page 26 & 27.

Every week day we will work through the book from Spring 1. Additionally, if you would like to go back to Autumn term and complete these tasks as additional activities - feel free to!

Maths - pages 1 & 2


For this afternoon, I would like you to look at the powerpoint below and follow the task in your home learning book. 

Have a wonderful day, don't forget to send me pictures via email of what you get up to! 

Miss Ree x 


Sea Creatures Fact File

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Hello Avon class! Here are some fun ideas to keep reading at home...