Cotswold Home Learning


Well done Cotswold Class, we have made it to the last day of term. You have all worked so hard this term and especially this last two weeks at home. 

You have your three activities in your home learning book, designing a chocolate factory, maths word problems and learning about the Mayan number system. As an extra activity today I have set a 2do on purple mash to create a spring picture. You can either do this on purple mash or create it using your own art supplies, things from your garden or any way you see fit. I cannot wait to see photographs of your creations.

If you have any golden apple moments from the week remember you can send me a photograph of these to go on our golden apple section on the website.

Enjoy the last day of term and have fun.

Mrs Daniels



Hello Cotswold Class, I hope you are all well. Thank you for the photographs that I received yesterday, I love seeing what you are getting up to. 

You have three activities in your home learning book today. I am really looking forward to seeing your ideas for a design for your own chocolate bar, if you are feeling creative you could have a go at making it or making the packaging that it would be in. Please remember to send me a photograph.

I have set up an additional activitiy on purple mash testing your knowledge of the 6 times table. Maybe have a practise of these before you complete the activity. 

Finally Mrs Nicol has invited you to make an Easter bonnet and send her a photograph of you in it.

Have a fun day and keep safe.

Mrs Daniels



Good morning Cotswold Class. We are now in the month of April. Today is April Fools day, this is the day that you can try to play a trick on someone, maybe you try to play a trick on one of your family this morning?

You have two activities to complete in your home learning book and an activity from Mrs Butcher below. In addition to this, there are some new spellings to learn on purple mash.

Have a good day, 

Mrs Daniels

Your RE work for today is linked to Easter (please see Word document below).

You need to watch the 'What is Easter?' video, complete the interactive sorting game on the same page and then complete the worksheet about Holy Week. Have fun! 

Mrs Butcher x

Cotswold RE - 1.4.20





As usual, it was lovely to receive photographs of your work (and of you at work!) yesterday.


For the science task this afternoon you may choose to create your poster using the Purple Mash program: Five A Day.

Go to: Science/Food/Five A Day.


Have fun - and keep washing your hands!

Mr Brown



I hope you have all had a good weekend.

It was lovely to see all your photographs from last week in the Home Learning Gallery.


As you know by now, your tasks for today are in your home learning books.

Today's Purple Mash: a Computing/2Code program called Turtle in the Chimp section.


Remember to enjoy the Home Learning Gallery and keep sending in your photographs!

Mr Brown


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Monday and Tuesday

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Well done for completing your first week learning at home. I have seen some wonderful photographs, examples of your work and some impressive scores on your Purple mash activities.

Today you again have three activities to complete in your home learning book and another multiplication task on purple mash. 

Take some time time to enjoy the sunshine today as I believe it is going to be a lot colder next week.

One more day of hard work and then it will be the weekend.

Mrs Daniels



Good morning children

This morning you have your handwriting activity to complete in your home learning book, alongside a maths money task at the burger bar. Your afternoon task is to develop your knowledge of the Maya Civilisation.

The additional task set on purple mash is a recap on the fraction work we have been learning.

Don't forget the David Walliams story time is on at 11am and the Joe Wicks PE lesson at 9am. 

I hope you have another fun day.

Mrs Daniels



Good morning Cotswold Class

Today is times table day. You have an extra task set in the 2do section of Purple Mash it is called Monster multiplication.

I have also set you some new spellings in the 2do section. Have a go at learning them during the week and then get someone to test you before I set some new ones next week.

If you fancy have a little relaxing time how about this? David Walliams is sharing a book at 11am each morning click on the following link to enjoy.

As well as completing the activities in your home learning book please enjoy some time in the sunshine with your family.

Have fun.

Mrs Daniels


Please see below the RE task for today, I look forward to receiving some photos of your creations!

Stay safe, stay happy and smile! - Mrs Butcher 


RE - 25.3.20





Today’s Purple Mash: ‘Money’

Log on, then go to: Mathematics/Topics/Measure/Money

Choose from any of the money programs e.g. calculating change from 50p / £1

For more of a challenge, try some ‘Currency Calculations’


Hello children!

This is just to let you know that, in addition to the work set in your home learning book, each day we will be texting your parents and putting a Purple Mash activity on the Cotswold Home Learning page of the website.

Use this link:


There are also websites suggested on Mrs Nicol's letter to parents for you to explore.


We shall look forward to seeing photographs of any of your completed work. Please email to:

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


Enjoy the activities – and keep washing your hands!

Mr Brown and Mrs Daniels



Hello Cotswold class! Here are some fun ideas to keep reading at home...