Autumn Term 2019

Severn Class have been excited to be learning about The Romans and have invited parents to a Class Assembly to share their learning on Thursday 12th December from 2-3pm. Roman dancing will be performed, children will be in Roman clothing and helmets, shields and settlements/roads work will be on display. They might even encourage the parents to join in some fab fun chariot racing if the weather is kind.

Our persuasive writing challenge is now complete and the work is on display in the corridor. It was responding to the statement: Year 4 and Year 5 children should be allowed to have a mobile phone. Letters were written to parents to either argue for or against the idea and to justify their opinions as well as understanding the opposite viewpoint.

Maths has continued on from addition methods to learn how to subtract numbers with up to and more than 4 digits with children perservering to enjoy success. 

Children have shared poetry work with local care homes, observed Remembrance day in school and attended the Village Remembrance service. There is a lovely 'We will remember' display in our library.



Some children are soon to visit the warehouse in Evesham where our filled shoeboxes will be stored in readiness to be delivered to Belarus to help make children less fortunate than us a little happier at Christmas.

Mrs Nicol has also been working with the children to create work using ideas about our school vision of Love, Transformation and Growth; key elements of their journey at Offenham. 


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