Assembly 28th and 29th April 2020

Good morning as promised a photograph of me on my rainy walk yesterday. It really was so beautiful; so fresh and green. Ethan, my son, was making a video as we walked, so I resorted to a 'selfie'. I am new to this way of photographing and this is the best of the bunch!. Please send me your rainy day activity photographs.

I had a great photograph of some children enjoying the puddles on their bicycles.


Here is your assembly for today. I really enjoyed preparing it, I hope you enjoy it too and that you are inspired by today's 'change-maker'. There are a number of youtube clips so please make sure you view this assembly with an adult.

Assembly 29th April 2020


assembly 29.4.20

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Good morning. Just to remind you that you have to run the slideshow in order to be able to click on the links to songs and the video.

Have a good day. 

Assembly 28th April 2020


assembly 28.4.20

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